2021.10.18 04:12 Jeikle Raliza...

Relvisa raliza nesina eoos ro?
View Poll
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2021.10.18 04:12 TheDailyNick Watch 'NFL Slimetime' Wednesdays at 7 p.m. ET/PT on Nickelodeon

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2021.10.18 04:12 Abstractsource Have you guys heard of satozhi token?

Does anyone know anything about this project I would like to know if it’s legit or not before I invest any of my hard ape earned money. I did read that they are the first proof of burn token and that they use far more less energy than bitcoin. They also only have 21 Million coins in total. Will this project get as big as bitcoin or is it a scam. I tried researching on google but I honestly came back with blanks since they project is fairly new not many people know about it. I’m sure if anyone knows anything it would be a fellow ape in this community. Thank you!
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2021.10.18 04:12 555SSS555 Looking for advice on how to improve my strength and get lean again.

Hey guys,
I'm an ex-university ball player with a history of high-level athletics in multiple sports. At the age of 19, a serious back injury (multiple muscle tears) ended my life in sports and left me with terrible chronic back pain that persists to this day.
I've battled with weight gain my whole life. I spent my high school years at about 195 (I'm 6'0). Not obese, but not anything to be overly confident about. Was always really strong but packed a little extra. I wanted a girl, so I dropped 30 pounds by basically starving myself and doing crazy amounts of body weight stuff. That's where I was in the first pic in the album. Since then, it's just been coming back on (with periodic rises and drops), but I'm pushing 210 after a hearty supper and I need to take my life back. I've gone from "struggling with weight gain" to full blown lardass and I'm done with it. The last pic in the album is an admittedly ambitious example of what I'd want my figure would be if I could choose it.
I struggle with back pain, so some stuff like heavy squats and deadlifts are off the table right now. Back pain aside, where do I go from here? Start with a cut, and then start trying to put muscle on? For my body type and muscle/fat ratio etc, how many times a day should I be hitting the gym and for how long? Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance everyone
Here's the album with (reverse) progress pics: http://imgur.com/a/XqCXpby
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2021.10.18 04:12 stywldmoonchld Bob's life is very hard

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2021.10.18 04:12 nd1l Japanese > English Translation

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2021.10.18 04:12 LETSGOBRANDON92 10 months ago this sign said $1.89 for regular gas, and I could fill my truck up for less than $40. Now it takes $70.... I wonder what changed in the last 10 months...

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2021.10.18 04:12 Doom265 Games with Gold Glitch?

On games with gold only the 2 Xbox one games are appearing but I don’t see the resident evil Xbox 360 game that should be there, anybody else got this problem?
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2021.10.18 04:12 ddaniel20 IWFTR

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2021.10.18 04:12 twolvesfan9 He will never be gaming

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2021.10.18 04:12 Michael_Therami Hip hip GameStop!

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2021.10.18 04:12 Im_Action what do I do of I returned something that I didn't open a return for?

I sent back alot of items from Amazon after looking at my feed I relize some items I never opened a return for but I know they were returned to Amazon for sure
what do I do? I planned on actually returning them but I didn't open the return
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2021.10.18 04:12 pom65 Caramelicious Auto week 5

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2021.10.18 04:12 Large_Tour_6959 Story

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2021.10.18 04:12 Creedmin I didnt know there were different design for Aegishjalmur

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2021.10.18 04:12 MCUltraRetarded More of our very active German Pokemon Group, add all

  1. 0848 0503 0691
  2. 9908 6150 1999
  3. 2126 3380 9781
  4. 9611 8118 5824
  5. 3462 2960 4250
  6. 0387 7869 0264
  7. 0460 9447 3065
  8. 7906 7399 5520
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2021.10.18 04:12 lskoyles99 [Academic] Petition for UCSB to provide a remote learning option (Students)

Hi yall, I created a petition on change.org to encourage UCSB to provide the OPTION for online learning. I'm so glad we get to go in person but the amount of students in less than ideal situations is really troubling. Those that are living in their car or commuting from far away or anything else should be able to continue learning remotely if that is their best option. Please sign the petition!! https://chng.it/4s797cqH
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2021.10.18 04:12 Nohan07 LADOM, une solution à la marge de l’absence de filières de formation à Mayotte

LADOM, une solution à la marge de l’absence de filières de formation à Mayotte submitted by Nohan07 to Mayotte [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 04:12 SeekingDiscounts_ Frigidaire Mini Portable Fridge with Built-In Cooler – Only $29.99!

Frigidaire Mini Portable Fridge with Built-In Cooler – Only $29.99! submitted by SeekingDiscounts_ to DealsAndPromotions [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 04:12 Reality-Horror Opinions on 155 Yorkville Condos?

Hi All,
With 33 Yorkville recently launching at $2100 psf, I was wondering what your thoughts on 155 Yorkville.
Why is that building relatively cheap, and what would be some risks purchasing a unit there?
Assuming prices do reach $2100 psf in 2027, I suspect it would be 15%+ cheaper due to the older age, but it's still in a prime location, and the size of the studio would be larger than any new buildings in the area.
I heard there are lots of Airbnb's in the unit, but I don't think the tenant quality would be an issue for 155 Yorkville.
Would it be a smart move to purchase 155 Yorkville now, instead of waiting 7 years for 33Y? I have the ability to get a mortgage now and I have around ~120K.
Thanks for your input.
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2021.10.18 04:12 wt_anonymous damn i wanted to stream for years and now that i can im scared to :|

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2021.10.18 04:12 Cluckingup [Xbox] [H] RLCS Items including new [W] Credits

x7 Anispray - 30c Per
Juggler Sky Blue Anispray - 200c
Victor Anispray - 40c
x2 Cobalt Anispray - 70c Per
Orange Anispray - 50c
x7 Ballistic - 70c Per
Forest Green Ballistic - 200c
Orange Ballistic - 200c
x12 Big Splash - 300c Per
Guardian Big Splash - 250c
Turtle Big Splash - 250c
x6 Carbon - 20c Per
Guardian Carbon - 30c
x2 Scorer Carbon - 50c Per
Sweeper Carbon - 50c
Black Carbon - 200c
Burnt Sienna Carbon - 50c
Sky Blue Carbon - 70c
x9 Crown - 50c Per
Forest Green Crown - 100c
Grey Crown - 200c
Purple Crown - 300c
Sky Blue Crown - 100c
TW Crown - 500c
x13 Decopunk - 50c Per
Acrobat Decopunk - 60c
Goalkeeper Decopunk - 70c
Show-Off Decopunk - 60c
Black Decopunk - 500c
Crimson Decopunk - 200c
Grey Decopunk - 70c
x10 Dominus RLCS - 100c Per
Guardian Saffron Dominus RLCS - 100c
x3 Dominus RLCS X - 60c
Aviator Dominus RLCS X - 70c
Goalkeeper Dominus RLCS X - 80c
Sweeper Dominus RLCS X - 80c
Burnt Sienna Dominus RLCS X - 80c
Pink Dominus RLCS X - 200c
x15 Dominus Stratum Badge - 50c Per
Playmaker Dominus Stratum Badge - 70c
Show-Off Dominus Stratum Badge - 60c
Show-Off Pink Dominus Stratum Badge - 70c
Sniper Dominus Stratum Badge - 60c
Cobalt Dominus Stratum Badge - 100c
Crimson Dominus Stratum Badge - 200c
Forest Green Dominus Stratum Badge - 200c
x2 Lime Dominus Stratum Badge - 100c Per
x8 Emerald - 100c Per
Goalkeeper Emerald - 150c
Playmaker Emerald - 150c
Striker Emerald 300c
x2 Sweeper Emerald - 150c Per
x37 Fallen Angel - 50c Per
x11 Fennec RLCS X - 80c Per
Scorer Fennec RLCS X - 250c
Victor Cobalt Fennec RLCS X - 200c
x9 Fennec Yorebands - 50c Per
Acrobat Fennec Yorebands - 60c
Aviator Fennec Yorebands - 60c
Goalkeeper Fennec Yorebands - 100c
Juggler Fennec Yorebands - 60c
Juggler Black Fennec Yorebands - 400c
Playmaker Fennec Yorebands - 70c
Sniper Fennec Yorebands - 60c
Sweeper Fennec Yorebands - 70c
Cobalt Fennec Yorebands - 300c
x2 Crimson Fennec Yorebands - 400c Per
x2 Lime Fennec Yorebands - 200c
Orange Fennec Yorebands - 900c
Pink Fennec Yorebands - 200c
x9 Helios - 70c Per
Juggler Black Helios - 1,200c
Forest Green Helios - 300c
Purple Helios - 300c
x6 Hesphaestus - 50c Per
Sky Blue Hephaestus - 100c
x14 Hustle Brows - 200c Per
x2 Playmaker Helios - 300c
x7 Ninja - 30c Per
Juggler Ninja - 40c
Playmaker Ninja - 50c
Show-Off Ninja - 40c
Forest Green Ninja - 200c
TW Ninja - 900c
x3 Octane Dune Racer - 800c Per
Playmaker Dune Racer - 900c
Burnt Sienna Dune Racer - 1,400c
Lime Dune Racer - 9,500c
x3 Octane RLCS - 100c Per
Scorer Octane RLCS - 250c
Striker Burnt Sienna Octane RLCS - 800c
Turtle Octane RLCS - 100c
Burnt Sienna Octane RLCS - 300c
Grey Octane RLCS - 400c
Orange Octane RLCS - 400c
Purple Octane RLCS - 600c
Octane RLCS 2021-22 - 300c
Lime Octane RLCS 2021-22 - 500c
TW Octane RLCS 2021-22 - 7,500c
x9 Octane RLCS X - 100c Per
Acrobat Octane RLCS X - 150c
Turtle Octane RLCS X - 100c
Burnt Sienna Octane RLCS X - 300c
Crimson Octane RLCS X - 800c
Forest Green Octane RLCS X - 300c
x2 Orange Octane RLCS X - 300c Per
x5 Petacio - 50c Per
x2 Aviator Petacio - 60c Per
Paragon Petacio - 60c
Playmaker Petacio - 80c
Striker Petacio - 150c
Sweeper Lime Petacio - 150c
Black Petacio - 200c
Burnt Sienna Petacio - 70c
x2 Pink Petacio - 100c Per
x3 Rival - 100c Per
Forest Green Petacio - 400c
x11 RL Esports - 60c Per
x14 RLCS X - 90c Per
x11 Statesmen - 20c Per
x7 Wrathogen - 20c Per
Guardian Wrathogen - 30c
Juggler Wrathogen - 30c
Show-Off Wrathogen - 30c
Orange Wrathogen - 100c
Sky Blue Wrathogen - 80c
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2021.10.18 04:12 ishyfishyy Recurring buy in Canada with credit card or fiat wallet?

Am I correct that with fiat account and etransfer there is no fee, but with credit cards there is a 3% fee?
Is there a way to automate etransfer or bank transfers to fiat wallet so I can "set it and forget it"?
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2021.10.18 04:12 DoofieDog What falls apart faster than a Lada?

The country that built it.
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2021.10.18 04:12 kashiviral [FULL LYRICS] Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha OST | 갯마을 차차차 OST

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