I wrote a Pitch Meeting for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

2021.10.18 03:54 thedubiousstylus I wrote a Pitch Meeting for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

If you're not familiar with the "Pitch Meeting" series then you need to check them out because not only are they absolutely hilarious this won't make much sense since a lot of it is just catchphrases. You can view them here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVlFO4h6tBI&list=PL--PgETgAz5FGoatB9KQzbnpv0bgZqU2l
There aren't any Tarantino ones so I had to write one myself. FYI I love this movie, the whole point of the series is to make movies sound as ridiculous and absurd as possible even if they're great (although some of the funniest are about bad movies, I really recommend the 2015 Fantastic Four one.)
Here it is:
Producer: So you got a movie for me?
Writer: Yes sir I do.
P: What's it about?
W: Feet.
P: What?
W: Yeah there's going to be lots of barefoot women in it, lots of close up shots on feet, soles right in the camera...
P: OK is this some sort of foot fetish porn movie? Because if so this is probably the wrong studio.
W: Oh no there's a plot to it. See it's set in 1969 Los Angeles because that's such a cool and iconic setting.
P: Oh yeah, 1969 LA is tight.
W: And the main character is this guy Rick Dalton who used to be a pretty successful actor in the 50s in those old western shows but now he's kind of washed up and only plays supporting roles.
P: Oh, so is the movie about him trying to land a big role or return to fame or something?
W: No, actually he doesn't do much in most of the movie at all. His whole plot arc at first is he's depressed that he's not a big name anymore, and he shoots this scene where he plays a guest star villain in a western and then bombs it, so he gets upset but then returns and shoots the scene again and nails it and then he's really proud of himself.
P: *pause* and you said he's the main character?
W: Yeah he definitely is.
P: And that's all he does?
W: Yep.
P: OK well there has to be other characters, tell me about them.
W: Ah well the other main character is this guy Cliff Booth.
P: And what's his deal?
W: Well in the 50s he was Rick's stunt double, but now he can't any more stunt work so Rick just pays him to drive him around and do some handyman work on his house.
P: Why can't he get stunt work anymore?
W: Well he's been kind of blacklisted because people think he killed his wife.
P: What? Did he actually do it?
W: Unclear the movie never say definitely either way.
P: Well then I assume he won't be a sympathetic character.
W: Actually no he will be because we're going to imply that even if he murdered his wife she sort of deserved it.
P: How?
W: By showing a 10 second flashback clip that shows her nagging him and being rude.
P: Oh, OK.
W: And another reason he was blacklisted is because he once got in a fight with Bruce Lee on a set.
P: Oh, how did that go?
W: We'll show a flashback of Bruce Lee being kind of arrogant and boasting so they get in an argument and a fight and it sort of ends in a draw.
P: So wait this random guy got into a fight with Bruce Lee and held his own?
W: Yeah. I mean it is a flashback so it could be him remembering it in a biased way...it's not really important because really the only reason the scene is in the movie at all is so we can have Bruce Lee appear in it.
P: Fair enough. So what else does Cliff do?
W: He picks up this female hitchhiker who's trying to get the ranch where the Manson Family was based out of. And she's going to be barefoot and the whole drive she's going to put her feet up against his windshield and we're going to shot lots of close ups of that whenever she's talking.
P: OK I really don't see why that's necessary.
W: So then he gets to the Manson compound and Charles Manson is there.
P: Oh Charles Manson! He'd be a great antagonist for the movie.
W: He would be except he's barely in it. Like just a cameo pretty much. He waves at them and that's it.
P: Oh. *Pause* So what does happen at the compound?
W: Well Cliff goes inside because he knows the owner of the ranch from the past and suspects they've been taking advantage of him. So he talks to this girl in the front watching TV and she claims he's just taking a nap after she had sex with him.
P: Oh that sounds suspicious.
W: Indeed, Cliff kind of refuses to believe that because this guy would be around 80 years old and nearly blind and this girl is a really attractive young woman in her 20s. Also did I mention that she's barefoot and stretching her legs out and the camera clearly shows her feet?
P: I'm not sure why you keep needing to bring that up.
W: So anyway Cliff goes in to try to find the guy and confirm that he's OK. But we know it's dangerous because the Manson Family were brutal killers.
P: Oh yeah sounds like it could get nasty for for him.
W: But then he finds that guy and it turns out he's totally OK and she was actually telling the truth the whole time.
P: So then this scene doesn't have any actual importance it sounds like. What's the point of it?
W: So we can have a scene that's really tense and thrilling but doesn't play any important consequence for the plot later.
P: Fair enough.
W: So then he's leaving and it turns out one of the Manson guys punctured his car's tire.
P: Oooh, sounds like he'll have trouble getting out.
W: Well actually it's going to be super easy, barely an inconvenience. He just beats up the guy who punctures it and then forces him to change the tire and drives out before anyone catches him.
P: Oh OK. Does he do anything else?
W: Well he buys a cigarette soaked in LSD from some random hippie girl on the steet?
P: OK what's the point of that? LSD isn't consumed that way, it would just burn up with the cigarette with no effects.
W: Whoops!
P: Whoopsie!
W: Also this movie also features Sharon Tate.
P: Oh the actress who was murdered by the Manson Family. She could have an interesting arc. What does she do?
W: Well you see she lives next door to Rick Dalton but they never really directly interact in the film. The first scene of her is just her going to this party and nothing really happens, it's just an excuse to show people dancing in cool 60s clothes. And then she wakes up the next morning barefoot in bed and the camera focuses on her feet...
P: OK I really don't get why you keep doing that.
W: And then she goes out and sees a movie that she's in, and she watches it and enjoys herself, and also takes off her shoes and puts her feet and they're very clearly visible and the camera shows close ups on them.
P: *pause* Why do you keep bringing up the feet?
W: OK I need you to get off my back about this feet thing.
P: Fine. So what else does she do?
W: Well nothing really.
P: So she has no real arc or character development and her scenes are really just an excuse to show her feet?
W: Well actually we're trying to humanize her and make the audience sympathetic to her in case something bad happens to her later.
P: OK I get that but why do we need to keep showing her feet to do that?
W: ....I don't know.
P: Alright well these all sound like unrelated arcs. Does anything tie them together?
W: Yeah actually at the end. See after these couple days the movie explains that Rick Dalton went to Italy that summer to star in some Italian movies. And he married an Italian woman and she's coming back with him.
P: He married a woman in just a few months?
W: Yep.
P: Alright, well I guess this might at least make for an interesting plot development. We can actually show him courting her and getting married.
W: It would but we're not going to do that. We're just going to show some clips of some movie posters and scenes of them on a plane and then have some expositionary narration about it.
P: Why aren't we going to show these plot developments that are probably more important than anything shown so far?
W: Because the movie is already almost three hours long. We don't have time for this.
P: *pause* OK everything you just described could be shown in less than half that time.
W: Well yes, but you see the movie is going to be stretched out because there's lots and lots of dialogue and characters talking about random things that have no role on any of it. Like when Rick is shooting that guest star role he's going to talk to this eight-year old child actor also on set and she's not going to behave or talk even remotely like any eight-year old who has ever lived anywhere at any point in time in the history of the world and it's going to be really drawn out. Also we're going to spend a lot of time showing scenes from movies that Rick starred in in the past.
P: And why are we going to show that instead of these important developments?
W: Because.
P: That works. So what happens when Rick gets back?
W: Well he has a meeting with Cliff and explains that he can't afford to hire him anymore because he now needs to support his wife and possibly children later. So they decide to have some drinks to celebrate their time together and then hang out at Rick's house before parting.
P: OK now that sounds like a sort of nice bittersweet way to end the movie.
W: Yeah but it's just a setup for this really cool thing later. See this is the night that Sharon Tate was murdered in real life, so the Manson Family people show up to kill her. But their car is really noisy so Rick runs out and starts yelling at them and screaming at them to leave. So they do, but then they decide to kill Rick instead.
P: Ooooh, this could be fun.
W: And then Cliff decides to use that LSD soaked cigarette we made sure to focus on him getting earlier. Which he does. So the Manson killers come in and find Cliff tripping on LSD.
P: Ooooh he's in trouble.
W: Nah he just uses his dog to attack them, and kills two of them in a really brutal manner. But he gets stabbed in the leg and passes out. So the remaining Manson follower goes out back where Rick is lounging in his pool.
P: And then what happens?
W: Well Rick grabs this flamethrower from his garage and kills her with it.
P: Rick has a flamethrower in his garage?
W: Well yes, because we're going to sort of foreshadow it earlier by showing him use it on a movie.
P: So despite being a movie prop it's a real flamethrower that shoots real deadly flames?
W: Apparently.
P: And the studio just let Rick keep it after the movie was filmed?
W: Apparently.
P: And Rick's been maintaining and refueling it this whole time so it's still functional?
W: Apparently.
P: Wow wow wow wow wow.
W: Yep so then an ambulance comes to pick up Cliff, and Rick explains what happens to some people there.
P: So he's totally OK?
W: Oh yeah he's a bit shaken but he's doing fine and he even cracks a sort of sarcastic joke.
P: Even though he was just attacked and killed a young woman in a very brutal way? He has no type of PTSD or anything?
W: Apparently not. And then he gets invited over to the Tate house for a drink which accepts.
P: So his best friend was just brutally attacked and is hauled off in an ambulance, three people have just been killed in his house, he's directly responsible for one, and he decides to just shrug it off and go get a drink?
W: Yep.
P: Wow.
W: And that's it the movie is over. And you see it's very clever because we subverted the audience's expectations of what would happen because Sharon Tate lives.
P: OK but that also renders her plot arc kind of entirely meaningless, doesn't it? Like you could reduce her to a background character at the end and the movie would generally still be the same.
W: Yeah but then we can't show close up shots of her feet.
P: I...*pause* *shakes head*
W: So what do you think?
P: Well I mean I guess I can see why it might appeal to someone.
W: Oh yeah, guys who like feet.
P: Although what's basically a loose plot that serves as an excuse to show feet shots probably isn't going to get any award nominations or anything.
*screenshot of article about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood being nominated for ten Oscars.*
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Just been looking on Craigslist and a couple of the smaller sites, without much luck.
I really don't need much other then for the space to be zoned industrial, all areas around Gainesville would be fine and don't need it to have bathrooms or kitchen.
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I’m located in Austin Texas, and would really prefer that you are in the same area as well. I don’t want to do any long distance or online relationships at all.
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I hate to put too many constraints on this, but those with a good sense of humor, inquisitive, kind and kinky to the top of the list.
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I'll summarize this a lot. My(21M) girlfriend (21F) doesn't want be to go to a reaggeton concert with my two male friends and the girlfriend of one of them. The reason she doesn't want me to go is because she is extremely insecure, jealous, has anxiety, has depression and a lot of more factors. We've been together for 5 years. We've had amazing times but we've also had very dark times. My gf is really controlling, she knows it and she is currently in the process of changing. She started trying to change her ways of controlling, jealousy etc since back in July I almost left the relationship but she begged me to give her a chance to change and I love her too much so I gave it to her. Aside from the issues that I told you guy about, my gf is amazing, sweet, beautiful, funny, caring and a lot of things. The thing is, whenever friends invite me to go out I wish I could feel happy and exited to tell my gf that I'm going to X place, but insed I feel fear and anxious about what my gf will say and if she will be ok with me going. Today my friend called me and told me he bought tickets for a concert of an artist I love, I told him I will probably go. After the call with my friend I texted my gf about it with fear of her reaction. As expected, my gf reacted at first like "please don't go, you know I can't handle a concert", what she means is that if I go to this concert my gf will be all night of the concert anxious, crying and worried that something will happen.
I haven't and will never cheat on my gf, I've been controlled by her for 3 years and a half but I stayed with her because of how much I love her and also because we still have so much fun together sometimes that it feels like I fall in love with her all over again. This situation is dificult asf and it gives me anxiety and stress. I am not the only one suffering tho, like I said, if I go out my gf gets some type of anxiety attack and trembles because I'm out and "she can't handle it". We've donde some reaserch as in why she is like this and we suspect that she has Borderline personality disorder. We are not sure obviously because we are not therapists.
Back to the concert topic, my gf didn't tell me "you can't go", it's more like she started begging me not to go because she will feel nervious, anxious, sad etc. She suggested that I do something else that day, like do out with my family. She says that with time she will be able to handle things like concerts, but right now she can't. What should I do? If I don't go though, my friend who bought me the ticket will probably be mad at me for some time, so this is a double edge sword, and that friend of mine knows my situation but still invites me to this kind of stuff.
I'll appreciate every advice. THANK YOU <3.
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I start getting a weird taste in mouth, a bit metallic, headaches start, a sharp jabbing pain in head different places, pressure in sinus area, anxiety building etc.

But if I feel it really coming on I just have to pull over and wait till it passes, not ideal but it happens.
It really is annoying, cause it really limits the distance you can drive if you don't want to get stuck sitting in some random parking lot for an hour or so......till things relax.
I always have a good 5-10 minutes or sometimes longer before symptoms really start to appear, but then if I push things too far no choice but to just pull over and sit and wait it out.
Lol I'm gone from being able to drive across the country years ago to being like "hmmm can I get to the grocery store alright today".....so annoying.
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