I too sleep best when my face is mashed into the wall!

2021.10.18 02:05 cyriaja I too sleep best when my face is mashed into the wall!

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2021.10.18 02:05 GrassIllustrious5196 Cash out or let it ride 😱

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2021.10.18 02:05 ShibaBeliever reminder Ecomi Must not be ignored 👀 Possibly the Best Alt coin To buy For Under a Penny 👀

reminder Ecomi Must not be ignored 👀 Possibly the Best Alt coin To buy For Under a Penny 👀 Ecomi ( The Crypto token is known as OMI ) Has a Blockchain Swap coming up , Known as ImmutableX - Many of you probably already know But i See alot of post's asking for Good alt coins, So i wanted to Point out the insane backing behind Ecomi , The License's VeVe Have Acquired are big Names... Plus There will be a token Burn coming and a New Token Burn Metric being put in Place where ( 2.5% of ALL transactions on the market place will Burn OMI and take them out of the Circulating supply ) 👀
it Currently sitting at a $2 billion dollar market cap and Has some of the biggest Movie brands and Comic brands Known World wide.. Imagine when Ecomi starts getting listed on Centralized exchanges... 🎉 Its currently only on 5 right now, so the Extra liquidity is gonna be huge.
Just remember the Blockchain Swap to ERC-20 is not far away now, and If u leave the tokens on the exchange the Swap will be done automatically and for free. ( otherwise if you hold the OMI in trust wallet or ECOMI wallet, u will need to do the Token Swap manually )
This is all just my opinion and not financial Advice 🍻
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2021.10.18 02:05 YourNuggetDealer At what temperature do you become gender solid instead of gender fluid?

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2021.10.18 02:05 lol232d Discord? (Not the weird one)

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2021.10.18 02:05 Gamerauther A Night/Day Shift in Liminal-Mart

"That'll be twenty seventy five," Vick said in his customer service voice while wearing a smile that didn't reach his eye.
The customer didn't say anything, she just grunted as she swiped her car. It was apparently too late/early for her to have energy for interacting with people. She took her cigarettes' with a mumbled thanks and shambled out as she pushed open the door of the convenience store/cross roads.
With the customer gone Vick sighed and grabbed an energy drink can and cracked it open and taking a sip. He stifled a yawn as he drank, trying to wake up just a bit more. The automatic doors opened to the dark outside and slid close allowing in no one. With a yawn Vick looked down and saw bottle of soda and beef jerky on the counter, Abyssal Cola and Cajun Beef Sticks.
With a customer service smile he scanned the items for no one, "that will be ."
Looking back down the items were gone and an oily black stone was in it's place. Vick picked up the stone and put the bills in his register. Pulling out the coins and put them on the counter pulling his hand back he looked at the black pebble and said, "out of , is your change."
The smaller black stone blinked out of existence and the automatic doors slid open and closed again. With a yawn Vick picked up his can of energy drink again and cracked it open, taking a long drink he looked out into the dark. It was too early/late for him to be awake. It was always too early/late.
When was the last time Vick saw the sun?
A man came in through the revolving door wearing tattered pants, scuffed boots, a freshly pressed collared shirt and a too big trench coat. He was bald and pale with eyes and mouth too big and a nose and ears too small. He came straight to the counter and pointed at the shelves behind Vick, "one smoke/stimulant/poison/death, Old Peculiar."
"I'm going to need to see ID for that," Vick said as he reach over and grabbed a carton of cigarettes'.
The man offered a small booklet and Vick took it. Looking at the card Vick noted the date that made the man two million years old. Nodding Vick handed the card back and the man put the booklet into the inside breast pocket of his trench coat. Scanning the cigarettes' he checked the 'old enough' box and said, "fifty soapstone."
The man nodded and put down five greenish, five pointed coins. Vick picked them up and put the bills into his register with his customer service smile, "is there anything else I can get for you?"
The man hummed and looked at Vick with his too large eyes, slowly blinking. Eventually he asked, "got a light/ignition/destruction?"
Vick reached under the counter and pulled out a book of matches and handed them to the man.
"Thank you/appreciated/mercy," the man said and left through the revolving door.
Vick dropped his smile and picked up his energy drink can and cracked it open and took a long drink. He looked out into the dark that ate the light that left the windows and yawned, it was too early/late for him, he was tired, he wanted to sleep.
When was the last time Vick went home?
A kid pushed open the door and darted to the candy isle while a women entered behind him. She gave him an apologetic smile as she fallowed. Her eyes were solid black. The kid came rushing to the counter with her arms full of wiggling candy bars and bags of squirming gummies. Looking up at Vick with empty black eyes and a smile full of black teeth that oozed a green slime.
Vick looked towards the man with his customer service smile, he had crows feet around his eyes and was balding, a green slime dripping from the corner of his mouth.
"Will this be everything?"
They nodded in unison and Vick started scanning. As one the two started humming the same tune, the rhythm of the metallic clicks had Vick nodding his head in turn. Once done Vick read out the total, "twenty one drops of ichor."
He looked up and the woman held her finger to the boy who opened his mouth. Black sharp looking teeth covered in green slime were bared and the woman pricked her fore finger on one. She moved it over the counter and an orange liquid dripped from her finger tip. It landed on the counter with a solid thud and rolled like a marble. After twenty one landed on the counter Vick picked them up and put the bills in the register.
The man made a wasp like buzzing sound to the girl. The girl looked up and opened her mouth only for a the sound of grasshoppers to come out.
"Have a good one," Vick said as his smile reached his eyes, the child was cute.
As they left they were momentarily replaced with spider-cricket centaurs between blinks.
Vick picked up his can and cracked it open and took a drink. It was too early/late for his liking, he couldn't wait for his brake. What should he get to eat, he wondered, maybe one of those hotdogs on the rotary. He was hungry.
When was the last time Vick ate?
Looking back from the window that gave a view into the empty, hungry dark outside Vick saw a cloud of black mist in the rough shape of a person. Vick felt a sensation of falling and landing in a sticky oil. He turned around and got a four nips of vodka, "usual, [-=-]?"
With a sensation of bugs crawling on his skin Vick nodded and scanned the bottles, clicking the 'old enough' box as he did, "one memory of a first kiss."
Vick felt a warm sensation on his lips and in his chest and put the bills in the register, "nothing else?"
The mist evaporated.
With a sigh Vick picked up his can and cracked it open. Taking a drink he still felt the warm sensation on his lips. He squinted out into the heavy dark as a memory squirmed it's way to the front of his mind. Warm lips on his, the sound of a soft giggle, he opened his eyes and saw light brown ones looking back, she smelled like lavender.
What was her name?
The sound of automatic doors that let in no one broke him from his trance and Vick found a bag of chips on the counter with a six pack of beer, "I'm going to need some ID."
The feeling of static on the back of his neck.
"I can't sell it to you if you don't have ID," Vick shrugged.
A numb feeling in his left foot.
"That was [-=-]," Vick said, "I've checked his ID hundreds of times. I've never seen you before."
His nose was itchy.
"ID or put it back."
His eyes burned.
Instead of answering Vick took the beer and put it behind the counter and scanned the chips, "chips are ."
His nose was itchy and his eyes burned.
"Pay for the chips or get out," Vick told them.
The chips disappeared and a black stone and pebble appeared in its place, exact change. The automatic doors opened and closed. Rolling his eyes Vick picked up the stone and pebble and put the bills and coins in the register.
A little more agitated he picked up his can and cracked it open and took a drink while looking out into the featureless dark. It was too early/late. He wanted his shift to be over and go home. Did he drive or walk, he can't remember.
Where was he?
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2021.10.18 02:05 MapleSyrup426 Caffeinated Hot Chocolate

Not sure if this counts as self promotion so I marked it anyways. I am working on a caffeinated hot chocolate powder for a university business project and would love to hear some opinions from you guys. Here is a link to a survey. It will only take you about 30 seconds to complete. Thanks!
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2021.10.18 02:05 MajorRasta Rengoku Adverge Motion Bandai Opening Review Demon Slayer 2021 HD

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2021.10.18 02:05 Crafty-Magician9464 What if Bonnie Bennett became sorcerer supreme

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2021.10.18 02:05 Achish Why are you still fat?

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2021.10.18 02:05 GiveMeMoreBlueberrys 20 years on an overloaded trailer without changing the tires…

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2021.10.18 02:05 Deniz1999 Jeje Lopes

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2021.10.18 02:05 Yokai_GER How to bring the background story, lore, history to the player.

At the moment we playing Age of Ashes and my players are really new to the Pathfinder universe. So they know nothing about the lore, land or gods. How much do they know or have to know? If it fits I tell them about a new upcoming god or past history. But whats with the background information in adventures? The AP AoA book starts with a lot of history which is happened in the past. Sure some information they definitely shouldn’t get at the beginning or to early because its important for the further story of the AP and they have to get it at the right moment. But there is also a lot of lore at the beginning of the book about the earthfall, the dragonstorm, Dahak and Auidara. Who’s seems to me as common knowledge of history. Is it like this and what is the best way to bring this information to my players. Also the bestarium in AoA. There are so much nice complex background information about the single monsters and npcs my player will never find out while talking, fighting, acting with the npc/monster. Sometimes I think that I am (as the DM) the only one who got the WHOLE story.
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2021.10.18 02:05 marybethvt Coinbase Toshi Wallet won’t send me SMS code. It usually does anytime I am trying to complete a transfer from Coinbase into wallet. Anyone have similar experience?

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2021.10.18 02:05 RPJN This is how I see dark carpets, I see these sparks on walls and flooring I don’t know what’s wrong and I seen an eye specialist my eyes are healthy.

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2021.10.18 02:05 double_chin_life Draft of a backstory to a character I created in TES V: Skyrim.

He remembers nothing of his life before being sold into slavery. He knoqs nothing of himself apart of his age and race, for that is all anyone cared to know when purchasing him from another slaver. For years, he did nothing but go from owner to owner and job to job. He eventually got sold to a cage fight slaver who was rather amazed by the promise shown in his 12 year old powerhpuse of a body. The slaver known as Akh-akha pushed the young redgaurd slave to his limits, dping anything to make the child stronger. By the age of 14, the yound slace had kill around 100 men and mer alike. By 18, he had killed 300 or more. At the age of 20, the drunk and high spectators of a place known as, "The Cage," knew him by, Iron Fists, and this became the only name he had ever known. One night, a ghost like figuire appeared in his cell like room and spome to him. The figure told him that he must, will, escape this bondage surrounding him. After a few moments of confusing conversation, IF asked the figure who he/she was. The figure awnsered with a short, but direct response. "Akatosh," said the figure. For a moment, IF stood in amazement, and then bent to his knees in respect to the god. Akatosh said in reply to this action, "Soon, purhaps, I believe...it shall be I, who how bows to you...my son." Then, as quickly as it appeared, the figure vanished, and the doors to the rooms of the crypt like bunk-house of the slaves, opened.. Iron Fists then did as he was told, he escaped, "The Cage," and then chose to go to the only place he felt he might be welcome, Hammerfell. On his way along the border of High Rock and Skyrim he was caught between a group of Stormcloak rebels and an Imperial ambush. As a way to negotiate with the Imperial soilders,a frightened rebel struck IF with the hilt of his sword, knocking him unconscious. When the rebels surrender, the Imperial soilders noticed something about IF, he had a bounty on his head for a murder he didn't commit, he was accused of murdering his dark elf slaver and as a result he was thrown onto the wagon taking the rebels to their ends. He woke up to seeing the face, and hearing the voice of one of the rebels, a stormcloak known as Ralof.
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2021.10.18 02:05 iam4real Race to the bottom

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2021.10.18 02:05 Emerollz Can people light my torches?

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2021.10.18 02:05 Sherlockholmes1986 Scarlett johansson - New York Portrait Session in 2008 (001) [4500x3000]

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2021.10.18 02:05 china27 Do not botch the Vex Nerf. It should NOT be killed in PVP

PVE nerf, not PVP. Don't kill this weapon.
Unlike what the other post suggests, it's not dominating PvP. I can name a whole slew of weapons that can outduel Vex in PvP.
In PvE, however, I never take the thing off. It's dominant in any PvE activity in the game. Patrol, strikes, nightfalls, GM's, Raid, not to mention it's PvE dominance in Gambit. It's a all in 1 tool in PvE. Red bars, majors and bosses. Especially with the 3 linear fusion shots.
It's utility is like no other weapon for PvE. Wanna kill adds in VoG, go for it. Wanna kill champions in GMs, you got it. Wanna 2 shot (linear shot) a major in gambit, grab your vex.
I have outdueled vex users in crucible all the time. PvP isn't an issue. It's most dominant in PvE.
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2021.10.18 02:05 RayBrous I just completed MG Barbatos and Metal Garurumon this weekend to I'm having a bit of fun

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2021.10.18 02:05 Dr_GIR Minor league report: Penguins fall to Checkers

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2021.10.18 02:05 Victoreon97 Just scored this!

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2021.10.18 02:05 Dr_GIR Area standouts can get caught between high school, club soccer

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2021.10.18 02:05 EastnSky Ideal Study Area

I need help setting up my study area, what are some of your essential things you need around when you study? Anything is helpful.
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