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2021.10.18 03:33 Nanner_The_Director Events after the battle

Sanji hasn't used his superpower suit yet, and I find it unlikely he'll use it during the raid. He struggles with not wanting to be Vinsmoke in the same way that he gets upset when Law tells the north blue comic story to Franky and Usopp after recognizing Sanji as Germa. He's irritated and frustrated because Queen keeps calling his family's name and requesting that he put on the suit. So I believe he requires a motivating factor, such as someone to protect, in order for him to disregard whether or not he is recognized as a Germa, allowing him to use all of the powers at his disposal. I suspect that when the Strawhats defeat Kaido and Big Mom, and the government intervenes and successfully captures Robin, that will be the final push that will allow Sanji to use the raid suit. This also works well to reflect the instance of Robin saving him by him later saving her.
Sanji, I believe, will be vital in saving Robin. I suspect the event in which she saves him is a short-term foreshadowing of the event in which he later saves her. He also focuses on saving the ladies.
It doesn't have to be a major battle; Robin was the one he specifically requested to rescue him, so him rescuing Robin quickly and likely secretly on his own fits his character's antics. If she is temporarily apprehended by the government, I anticipate an event in which Sanji splits from the group to go get her as a side mission, while the rest of the group fights the marines so they can all escape. However, I doubt that if Robin is apprehended, she will be held for long as the Strawhats are far too overpowered at this point if the entire military is not involved (then again they will be mad tired).
I also believe Sabo was caught and is scheduled to be executed; this time Luffy will be successful in saving his brother, or at least this brother won’t die immediately after being saved. (hopefully)
There’s also more far fetched scenarios that are not impossible that could happen but I don’t have a complete idea yet:
-Robin not getting captured and going full ham on the marines as a demon
-The admirals on the marine ships in Wano are actually all homies who finna help the straw hats
- Sword is a secret organization that has spies in the military like Koby and maybe that old lady V-admiral.
Who is part of sword:
-obviously Koby, and Drake
-But subtle hints like the cover story of chapter 580 where Tashigi is talking to Koby and pointing at the sword, Helmeppo is also seen in the background
-I also think Kuzan and Smoker and possibly Sengoku could be involved; Super Guess though that I don't have evidence to support other than the characters knowing each other and similar ideals.
(from this I think sword is an organization of active, inactive, and non-marines that's aim is to end the corruption of the government)
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2021.10.18 03:33 Indoraptor1234567 According to the wiki Dilophosaurus and Marsupial Loin are a hybrids

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2021.10.18 03:33 DemUnderground BTRTN: Part 7, The Jeremy Lin Saga Continues: Basketball Takes a Back Seat

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2021.10.18 03:33 Thamaster11 anyone interested in trading mixtapes?

anyone interested in trading mixtapes? I'm looking for some new music, edm, electronic, 90s rap, anything from early 2000s, surprise me. I've got lots of 80s and 70s rock but not much else. I live in the Midwestern United States so shipping in the lower 48 is preferable! (I haven't seen any recent mixtape exchanges, the last one I saw was in spring.)
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2021.10.18 03:33 Mooseysfate Choice paralysis - From an Epson 8350 to what?

Part of me wishes there was a weekly "WSIG" thread or somewhere to throw this topic down, but for every post I read, or Chris Majestic video I watch, I just come away even more uncertain.
Theater is established in a basement with overhead track lighting, typically on low. Epson is currently ceiling mounted about 14 feet from a 120" 1.2 gain Elunevision scree and is mounted just behind the seating area. Tons of room for improvement or even change here, and I am currently shifting the image left by about two feet which the Epson handles brilliantly.
Content is primarily Streaming video via Netflix/etc or Plex through Xbox Series S (X someday) and video games make up about 30-50% of the lamp time historically. Receiver supports hdmi 2.0.
I'm not sure about 4k - low input lag is more important than resolution to me. I think I prefer good blacks and color accuracy over brightness. I suspect I would prefer a laser (or LED) based unit over a lamp based unit as I've replaced the Epson's bulb several times - usually long beyond when I should.
I'd love to keep the budget under 5k Canadian. Obviously, I'd love to spend far less; but given many hours the Epson has provided, it's not very hard to justify a used car money.
I've certainly been looking closely at the 5050UB, even though it's lamp based. Some of the laser-based UST options are certainly appealing, even though I fear needing a different screen.
Help me /projectos - do I keep picking up lamps for the 8350 for something to be a straight up no-brainer upgrade to come along? Do I pick up something modest now and start saving for something NICE in a few years? Do I commit to something now? This Epson's pushing 10 years of service...
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DPS Alert Debris N CC 215 and W SUNSET RD; nb so 10/17/2021 06:25:55 PM
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Best 1-2
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2021.10.18 03:33 SOSkkb WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc. reports increased revenue by 202.2% and gross profit by 189.8% in the first half of 2021. ● Total revenue increased 202.2% to RMB516.2 million (US $79.9 million) for the six months ended June 30, 2021, compared to RMB170.8 million for the six months ended June 30, 2020.

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Free food
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2021.10.18 03:33 dxclxd i feel like such a waste of space right now 😂😂 (rant)

i’m 18 in the uk and i just moved into my uni accommodation a month ago, and it’s been rough, i broke up with my girlfriend before coming here because she said she can’t do a long distance relationship, and she keeps on telling me that she misses me and wants to see me again but according to her friends she went to uni with, she couldn’t give a fuck about me, she gets with a new guy pretty much every time she goes out, and i don’t know why she wants to keep me around if this is true, and everyone was gassing up freshers like it was going to be this once in a lifetime thing, where you meet new people and they were saying to get condoms because you will probably end up brining a girl back to your flat most likely, my box ain’t even been opened and all i got from freshers was a flu that still hasn’t gone away lmao, i get told i look good but i feel like that’s just a way for people to just be nice to me. Right now both my flat mates have both brought girls back and are having sex right now and i’m in the middle of them writing about how much of a waste of space i am lmao, i just feel like people put up with me and no one actually wants me.
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2021.10.18 03:33 ChickunTendies Why don't you recognize the pope as your one true leader?

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2021.10.18 03:33 scholarshipwin Scholarship for International Students in New Zealand

New Zealand gives 20000$ for each international student win through applying for this scholarship opportunity. the scholarship for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Description and conditions:
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2021.10.18 03:33 NoForce7453 Why do people get mad at me when I cry?

I wanna know why do people get mad when I cry over dumb things? An example is, my father would say "I'll give you something to cry about" then he would spank me with his belt 5 times. I am very sensitive and sometimes I cry to make me feel better. I wanna know why people get mad when I cry.
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2021.10.18 03:33 Julian_m1 クロスボウ「回収進まず」 950本、流通数不明 改正銃刀法成立3カ月・警察当局(時事通信) - Yahoo!ニュース

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2021.10.18 03:33 suaveh We 3 man cleared Paglth'an with no healer

I queued into the expert roulette today on my paladin tank, and got into Paglth'an. As we were about to start, the healer disconnected. Maybe bad internet connection. When it was obvious they were not coming back, I asked the DPS, a Bard and a Dragoon, if they want to try the first pack. Nothing to lose anyway, maybe just a few gil for repairs.
We cleared the first pack with no issue. Without asking, I pulled the next trash, one pack by one pack. I used Requiescat on CD, alternating between Clemency and damage, to keep my health up.
We cleared until right before the first boss. At this point, we were able to kick the healer. I was thinking of stopping, and wait for actual heals. I then changed my mind, and asked them if they want to give the first boss a try. Again, if we fail, gil for repairs, and we will just continue to wait for heals anyway.
We pull the boss, dodged all that we can avoid, I heal them as needed, and kill the boss in one try.
We then cleared the trash to the second boss, still waiting for heals. Before the boss, I wondered if we can handle the unavoidable damage when we go to the top. The damage from the adds also hurt quite a lot.
We pulled, and we were able to kill it in one go. At that point, I thought: we are actually doing this.
We are going to clear this dungeon without a healer.
The trash to final boss was the usual. Before the final boss, I did not ask if they wanted to give it a try anymore. I just checked if they were ready. One replied "r", and we were on.
The final boss itself was scary, since it does a lot of unavoidable AoE damage. Even then, during the fight, one of the DPS got hit twice by Twisted Scream, and then got targeted by Khan Rai. Thankfully, Requiescat got off CD, and I was able to throw in a couple of Clemencies to save them. Gigaflare and Akh Morn also dealt a lot of damage. I even tried to mitigate an Akh Morn with Passage of Arms, but I accidentally moved, so we ate it all. Almost all of my Requiescat got used to heal.
And we managed to down the boss! We cleared the whole dungeon, with no deaths and no wipes!
I have cleared dungeon bosses when healers have died midway quite a few times by now, but this is the first time I cleared a whole dungeon without heals at all. My regret is not capturing it in a video or stream.
To the Bard and Dragoon I was with, thank you for giving it a try. We were able to clear it thanks to you playing well, as well. Hope to bump into you again soon. :)
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