[intentional] Personal Attention & Positive Affirmations [face touching] [personal attention] [whispers] [positive affirmations] [female]

2021.10.18 04:05 SlightSounds [intentional] Personal Attention & Positive Affirmations [face touching] [personal attention] [whispers] [positive affirmations] [female]

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2021.10.18 04:05 Pulelehua Scientists Find the Secret to 'Unhackable' Security Systems on the Wings of Butterflies.

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2021.10.18 04:05 CodyAllyn 21 Rubicon 2 door question?

Hi all, I just purchased this 21' gecko green Rubicon. I'm wondering if anyone has lifted theirs using the Mopar 2" lift and kept their stock Rubicon wheels but with 35" tires?
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2021.10.18 04:05 Rockyxx7 32 m looking for a female friend

A little about me... I have a degree in business management. I absolutely love anything scary/horror. Outdoor activities like camping, hiking fishing etc but also love to be indoors and play a video game or watch some TV. Very open minded person. Love animals also, so would love to hear about your pets. Living life and just trying to make the best of it. If you wanna know anything else ask away. so feel free to msg me and let's get to know each other. Please put some effort into this. If your truely interested in a new friend, don't just give 1 word responses please. Feel like a lot of people dont put enough effort into trying to get to know someone. Hope that doesn't come off to negative, but it sucks having someone put in little effort
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2021.10.18 04:05 KailuaInkling Since there’s a couple of weeks before the update, I wanted to share my circus themed island with you guys! (I only have my favourite areas in these photos, but you’re more than welcome to check the DA!)

Since there’s a couple of weeks before the update, I wanted to share my circus themed island with you guys! (I only have my favourite areas in these photos, but you’re more than welcome to check the DA!) submitted by KailuaInkling to AnimalCrossing [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 04:05 DontPoopOnTheFloor What's the deal with China not recognizing Taiwan as a country?

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2021.10.18 04:05 crabgout Best place to get a PCR test in Brooklyn/Flatbush area with a 48 hour turnaround?

Hi all! I have to fly to Texas for an event, and need to have had a PCR test 72 hours before it begins-- but to submit the results a little earlier. Is there a good place in the Flatbush area where people have gotten PCR results quickly?
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2021.10.18 04:05 JPSpamley Daily Ui: Day 42 First appearance of the best imouto. From S1,E2 “Instruments”

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2021.10.18 04:05 CatStriking7561 Bo Levi Mitchell, surging Stampeders trounce beleaguered Lions

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2021.10.18 04:05 ZoobBot 180363

This is the 180363rd time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.10.18 04:05 crazykatlady99 Pregnant and scared

I hope this is ok to post here!
I’m 6 weeks pregnant today and not feeling like I thought I would feel at all. I always knew that I couldn’t have kids but I didn’t KNOW. When I was officially diagnosed with bilateral hydrosalpinges in 2018 I was devastated. Despite spending most of my life thinking I didn’t want kids, the diagnosis broke me. From that moment on I was determined that I needed to do everything to try to have a baby. When I found out I had insurance coverage for IVF, I felt like it was sign and dove right in. I’ve been in an out of treatment cycles for 2 years and now I’m finally pregnant from my 3rd FET. I’m stuck somewhere between not wanting children at all and terrified of losing this baby. I can’t stop thinking of how I’ll never get sleep again, how my independence will be gone forever and What if my baby is born with an illness or birth defect. My husband has been checked out emotionally for quite sometime and he hasn’t shown any signs of being excited either. When I got my first positive test neither one of us jumped with joy, it was more of a “oh ok” type of moment. Has anyone here felt this way and gone on to be a happy mother? Right now I don’t even really feel pregnant, all I feel is anxiety and panic about every detail of pregnancy and becoming a mother. I do have a therapist and psychiatrist who are helping me work through this but so far I just feel miserable. Thank you for taking your time to read this, I greatly appreciate it.
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2021.10.18 04:05 International_Sir702 How should I improve my team?

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2021.10.18 04:05 backdoor_slut69 My favourite asset 🍑

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2021.10.18 04:05 fiordsdancer just throwing this out there. I would love to see a h3h3 collab with podcast but outside and the upcoming teddy fresh pop up would be a great opportunity.

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2021.10.18 04:05 Repulsive_Victory707 Trading Retro StarPlatinum Over Heaven

Trading it for something good
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2021.10.18 04:05 277fireball How to enhance my Softdom Dom role?

Hello everyone.
My wife expressed interest in some light BDSM and we've been exploring it. She's done most of the research because I've been reluctant till recently to get involved. Mostly I think a lot of my childhood indoctrination of "women don't like sex" and the like kept me quiet. That's finally changed with her help and patience.
She likes being restrained and some light impact play. (I apologize if I use the wrong terms, I'm learning. Please correct me.) She likes praise a lot. Things like being called "good girl".
So I guess my first question to those who also enjoy this is what else do you like to hear or be called. I feel like I'm repeating "good girl" a lot and would like some other suggestions on things to say.
Thanks for your guidance.
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2021.10.18 04:05 TheLastTransHero Tigga doesn't usually sit full tumby-up (too chonky) but today I finally captured the holy grail!

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2021.10.18 04:05 Latter-Government [H] Arizer Air 2 Bundle: Extra battery, extra straws, 14mm adapter, battery charger pack and more used less than 5 times (above 300$ retail) [W] 175$ USD shipped paypal G&S

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2021.10.18 04:05 Elegant-1 UW block time issue

how can I speed up to finish a block in 2 hours? This is like 3 mins for each question (would not happen in my wildest dreams) Did you read the Educational Objective only? How can one achieve that pace?! Thanks
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2021.10.18 04:05 dj_313 Average home in Texas

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2021.10.18 04:05 noura42 PLEASE I NEED THE ANSWER FOR FREE

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2021.10.18 04:05 MightyBeanBoi The Duality of Man

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2021.10.18 04:05 Solid-Equipment-4896 The tra*ing economy in Fallout 76 needs more diversity and stability. — A Simple Fix.

The tra*ing economy in Fallout 76. Story short; it sucks.
It’s time for the tra*ing economy to be shifted away from nothing but legacies and people who never have the intent to get rid of their legacies.
I believe at some point in time everyone will be forced to sacrifice something they love in this game for the greater good and I think, unpopular opinion — Explosive lasers should be re-introduced dropping the value of ‘legacies’ and introducing a new favored legacy.
I am tired of seeing the same guy making the same post for the same weapon 5 days out of a week only to reject every offer; quit flexing your ego and give others a chance.
We need a huge overhaul in legendary equipment in general that gives players more freedom without the distasteful, non-beneficial perks of not running a certain build. I am a traveling merchant but I can’t continue my business or my joy if all anyone cares about are stupid ass fixers and legacy explosive lasers.
Rant over; feel free to downvote me as much as you want. Oh and Bethesda? I love you! 💚
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2021.10.18 04:05 ToolBoxTad BBQ Pulled Pork Patties

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2021.10.18 04:05 LivingFortune “Thanks for standing up to (a potential assaulter) for those of us who weren’t brave enough”

Saw this comment on TikTok and took some offense to this, then all of the comments proceeded to say “as someone who personally experienced it…” or “don’t speak on things you didn’t experience.”
I know that the assumption that it didn’t or couldn’t happen to a male is real but to experience it firsthand really troubled me
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