HELP a fellow teacher 😣

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2021.11.28 08:05 EffectiveLevel2931 HELP a fellow teacher 😣

I don't know if this is the right group to share this on, but here it goes... A friend of mine introduced me to this great tool called fastIEP to help track IEP goals. It's simple and easy and literally writes the reports for me. So here's my request :
When you sign up, I get another additional kid to track (I've got 34 kids on IEP this year!!!). You'll start off with 3 kids to track too! Could you help a fellow sped teacher out and sign up on this website using my referral link? -
Thanking you in advance. Apologies admins - I'm not sure if you allow these kinds of posts.
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2021.11.28 08:05 MigningSM hmm... shuld i stay up to 4 am on a school day just to watch the livestream...

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2021.11.28 08:05 Fiksdal Thanks, I hate beaches and sand.

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2021.11.28 08:05 Eigil12 Hvorfor tror i at Alexandra staffensen går så sjælendt i bad? Det kan vel ikke bare være dovenskab?

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2021.11.28 08:05 Chenyu001 Are any of the items from Gen V and up in the game?

I haven't seen any items from the later generations in the game. From what I know there is the Pixie Plate in the Grand Underground, but that is the only item I know from Gen V+. Is there anything else?
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2021.11.28 08:05 CozyMaps Mountain steep turn → an excellent map for an ambush [20x28]

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2021.11.28 08:05 AdMobile7595 SKANDR - SUMMER BOOTY 🎮 No Copyright Music 🎶 Музыка без авторских прав 🎶

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2021.11.28 08:05 -zeroixxx- 🎁 NFT Giveaways daily 🎁 Join Discord or Twitter to win.

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2021.11.28 08:05 spacesloth0212 How to get rid of piercing bumps ?

I’ve had my nose pierced for about 6 weeks and when I first got it I bumped my nose and I had a cold a few weeks after it so I had to blow my nose a lot and I got an irritation bump and it’s not gone away, it’s got a bit smaller but it’s still there and my mum is a nurse and told me it’s not infected and I’ve been doing salt soaks twice a day since I got it as instructed by my piercer so was just wondering if anyone has tips for helping it go away or will it eventually go away itself ?
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2021.11.28 08:05 dr-jaykay I still try to find my place in the diary of jane

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2021.11.28 08:05 my-user-account Seductive

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2021.11.28 08:05 False-Mycologist9483 I’m confused and lost

I’ve noticed that I tend to self destruct every 3 months. I shut down and go into what I call low battery mode, where I just want to decompose. I don’t take showers or eat much, and reaching out makes me feel like I’m weighing people down emotionally. I’ve noticed that I hold too much pride to accept handouts even when I could really use it. Like I feel less as a human being in doing so. Then roughly a month or less later I’m frantically trying to save my progress like it’s on fire…and that I can put out. It’s causing me a great deal of stress to the point where suicide feels like the lesser of two evils, though I know my heart won’t let me carry through with it. I wanna say it feels like I’m in a living purgatory where existential dread feels better than a woman’s touch. I’m sure it doesn’t make much sense but it’s hard to put in to words. I feel the need to cry and mourn for reasons unknown, and like a grease fire attempts to subdue it only make things worse. I feel like I’m dead already. I’m not sure what to do…
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2021.11.28 08:05 CozyMaps Mountain steep turn → an excellent map for an ambush [20x28]

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2021.11.28 08:05 LOSERGANG Posted in r/lostredditors

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2021.11.28 08:05 based_cum since everyone is posting their top guns I thought I'd post mine

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2021.11.28 08:05 How_toBE_aVIRGIN What does plaster in the fanny mean?

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2021.11.28 08:05 a7cATR4z Guess I should Stop Playing This :P

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2021.11.28 08:05 CozyMaps Mountain steep turn → an excellent map for an ambush [20x28]

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2021.11.28 08:05 Dine-Dibble Talisman of Enlightenment

When does the Talisman of Enlightenment (Blue Crystal) would be available in the shop?
I have many typeless Mythic Equipments and I'm in Chapter 43-5.
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2021.11.28 08:05 AJ-Yeeet I mean, it was their sole purpose?

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2021.11.28 08:05 ParabolicBanshee ⚔ MONSTER BATTLE - Trading Card Game | Monsters/Summoners | Hearthstone inspired | Revolutionary DeFi System | GameFi | Marketplace | DAO | PVP | PVE | Staking 💵 Mining | P2E | BEP 20 Token $MBC | ERC721 NFT | Stake NFTs earn Stablecoins 💲 Farm Stablecoins earn NFTs | Launching date TBA 💎

💥 Looking for the First TCG GameFi on the Binance Smart Chain? Look no further, and let's delve into a world of awesome monsters and mysteries beyond your imagination. 🔥
Welcome to THE upcoming enticing new Monster battle metaverse. A hearthstone-inspired game with DAO and DeFi elements. Your dreamland and monster fantasy. You read that right, it is destined to be one of the best TCG in this space.
Currently, Monster Battle has already confirmed ELOIN and DAOStarter for their IDOs and others will be added in due course. Yes, you are early!
🎯Monster Battle is partnered with some big names to guarantee a successful launch and an exciting future, such as DAOstarter, ELOIN, Babylons, Unix, Liquidifty, Kriptomna, and MH Ventures, amongst others.
🌎Do note that Monster Battle’s first offerings with Babylons is SOLD OUT. Up next is DAOstarter, which is aimed for the start of December. Other platforms will be announced in due course.
Monster battle has the objective of providing users with the best of both worlds, that of having an enticing and exciting game and also monetizing the player’s gaming talents and finesse. Moreover, the team is committed to keep building and striving beyond Gamefi, specifically, having a true metaverse, including Defi and DAO. Let's move on to the Game and Project's salient points.
🌟What are Summoner Cards?
The summoner you possess will be your avatar in Monster Battle and it enhances the attributes of your Monsters. The summoner card will also serve a purpose for future content, whereby it can be used as a ticket. Naturally, the variety and functionality of the Summoners will increase in the near future. This will be what represents YOU in the game. Meanwhile, holders of NFTs such as BAYC and CryptoPunks may also gain entry into the game as we airdrop dedicated summoner cards in the future.
🌟How can I get my hands on a Summoner Card?
The moment you enter the metauniverse, you will be given one of the five basic summoners. Eventually, the team is aiming to hold exclusive activities to be purchased which in turn will provide you with more power in-game.
🌟What are Monster Cards?
The monster card is known as an attendant card in this project’s metauniverse. You can use the Monster card to game in various ways in this monster universe.
Currently, the Monster Battle family contains 72 designs of monsters. Emphasis is made on the word currently since more will follow and 72 is just the starting number. The entire in-game card collection is offered as NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain.
Cards are divided as follows:
🗡Classes: Animals, Monsters, Plants and Machines.
🗡Elements: Earth, Light, Forest, Ocean and Flame.
🗡Occupations: Soldier, Sorcerer, Healer and Assassin.
🗡Rarities: White, Green, Blue and Purple.
As you may already understand, this creates complex and multiple routes one may take to achieve victory. There is no fixed route. This is left in the hands of the gamer. It is up to you to find your desired deck. The possibilities are endless.
Shall we move on to the Monster attributes or do you need a break? Thought so. There are nine attributes, namely; Computational power, Gain coefficiency, Element Resistance bonus, Combat effectiveness, Aggressiveness, Speed, Attribute, Life Value and Fatigue level. Getting excited reading this? Imagine playing it.
🌟What does the Monster mining working mechanism entail?
Keeping in mind the just mentioned Monster attributes, there are five types of ore pools, namely; Earth, Light, Forest, Ocean and Flame. As a player, you will be able to pledge different monsters in the corresponding pool. As expected, the APY will vary since this is subject to the weight of that particular ore pool. For each block produced, your Summoner will gain experience and $MBC tokens. But dude, I want the most efficiency for most GAINZ. We all do. We'll get to this now.
🌟What does my Mining efficiency depend on?
Simply put, Rarity. The rarer the monster, the more efficient your staking. Mining is dependent on units. For instance, whilst a rare monster has 150 units a legendary monster has 300.
Monsters also contain a fixed computing power. Having said that, the computing power can still be increased by pledging $MBC tokens for a week, and doing so would improve the card slot level. It goes without saying, withdrawing before the lapse of the 7 days would incur you a 10% penalty. The flow pool thanks you.
🌟Will there be PvE or PvP?
The Monster Battle combat system has both.
Player Versus Environment: Players game with NPCs. It is further divided into an automatic mode (akin to Splinterlands) and a manual combat mode (the true Hearthstone experience).
Player Versus Player: Players here battle other human players based on a proprietary matching algorithm. This mode doesn’t offer autoplay, only manual combat is possible. TO WAR!
Monster Battle has a type of battle called, Tower of Death, whereby players build their own deck of cards and participate in a multi-card manual battle. The exciting part of this game type is the fact that there are an infinite amount of levels. These levels' difficulty always increases the higher the level. The higher the difficulty however equates to a higher reward. The harder it becomes, the higher the levels of return. The player would thus benefit from $MBC rewards and gain experience for his or her summoner cards and monsters. In the event that the player loses, he or she would still receive a few experience despite receiving no tokens.
🌟What are Blind Boxes?
The excitement never falters. Cards are minted via these blind boxes. Externally, all the boxes appear the same. It is what lies beneath that varies. The monster within is unknown to both the team of Monster Battle and the player opening the box! As the team progresses through the roadmap, new cards and card types will continue to be added.
🌟Will there be an NFT Market?
Of course! This market is a decentralized NFT exchange. Users can freely buy and sell monster cards and all the props that come with them. Out of the 5% charge that a Monster NFT market transaction charges, 3% will flow into the repurchase pool for the $MBC token. This repurchase channel would efficiently recycle players’ cards, and the recycling price will be executed according to the average minimum transaction price of the current card market within the past 72 hours. Amazingly, Monster Battle will also offer a card rental service. This card to card rental market will be offered in accordance with the development of monster battle. Why leave idle cards gathering dust, when they can be leased to other players? Win Win!
🌟Will Monster Battle become truly user-owned?
With regard to governance by Decentralized Autonomous Organization Methodology, it is Monster Battle’s number one goal to become a user-governed gaming platform. The team will apply the concept of DAO in the game’s system, gradually increasing the weight of end users’ votes in various decision-making processes. In order to effectively utilize a DAO-managed token pool, the team will adopt a Liquidity Provision, cover TP service costs, support TP Developers, offer Staking and investment opportunities.
🌟What is the Monster Laboratory?
This is the in-house gamefi incubation feature. Through this platform, the Monster Battle team provides third-party developers, seeking to enrich Monster Battle's ecosystem, with all the sufficient support they may require, such as for instance, technological integration.
But wait, there is more! Monster Battle will open NFT Miningvery soon, specifically at 12:00 UTC and you may stake and gain $BUSD. Visit the Monster Battle website, open a blind box, stake your monster and gain $BUSD.
🌟 When will Monster Battle be listed on PCS?
Pancakeswap Listing is still TBA.
🌟Important Links
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2021.11.28 08:05 rustoo Thermoelectric crystal reveals a record-high conductivity resulting from its peculiar charge carrier properties at low temperatures. This could enable design of a compact, low-cost MRI machine, making medical diagnosis more convenient in the future.

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2021.11.28 08:05 knoxrex_352 .

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2021.11.28 08:05 Mariosam100 We need below radar back

With this map size, and the sheer volume of players present in one area. It’s really tough for pilots to survive for any length of time, it’s just lock ons for days.
Adding back below radar would be an easy way to elevate this issue. A somewhat skilled pilot could fly close to the ground and be able to avoid lock ons but has the added risk of crashing.
But that won’t happen because dice are currently unable to make educated and smart decisions.
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2021.11.28 08:05 SleepyCat256 Who was gonna tell me building on mobile is a huge pain? This has taken like 2 hours

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