Man removed from heart transplant list for being unvaccinated gets emergency pump

2022.01.28 16:03 PirateGirl-JWB Man removed from heart transplant list for being unvaccinated gets emergency pump

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2022.01.28 16:03 snkde 2020 Apple iPad Air (10.9-inch, Wi-Fi, 64GB) - Green (4th Generation) - $539

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2022.01.28 16:03 IronMongerVi Adventure Zone: Methersea- a rant about putting drug issues in your campaign and not being smart about it.

Content Warning: a lot of talk about drugs (mostly meth) and drug addiction. I'm thankful I've never had to personally fight drug problems, but I had close family relations addicted to hard drugs so I know a bit about what I'm talking. I won't go into deep detail because that'd be rude and I'm not going to call Family Relation up and ask them "Hey let me talk about the hell you went through so I can rant about a D&D nerd inserting a meth addiction allegory into his podcast!!1!"
Firstly, I apologize for how much of a bummer this is gonna be. Secondly, I apologize for any rambling I do, I haven't written anything like this since High School. Thirdly, expect the phrase "How did we get here?" a bunch as that'll be the recurring theme of this essay.
Now, for ya'll who aren't up with family-friendly Dungeons & Dragons podcast The Adventure Zone; Ethersea, lemme catch you up to the latest arc (as of writing Ep25):
The Crew of the Coriolis, while working on a mission, accidently get a spore attached to their ship. Upon returning to Founder's Wake, the spore detaches and homes in on the plankton that photosynthesizes(?) the air of the city, killing all but one and spreading a plague of sorts into the city. The only source of where to find more plankton is Finneas, who's now inhabiting a soul lamp. In their attempts to read his mind, they learn that a distilled version of fantasy drug Grotto can allow a group of users to delve into each other's memories (somehow). So the Crew decide to meet an old friend(?) of Amber's named Shret in the city's inexplicable swamp district, as she's a drug dealer. After a random barfight and a short hoverbike chase they meet with Shret, who takes her to her house. Down in the basement is what amounts to a Grotto drug den with people on chairs taking the intravenous drug while trained doctors monitor them; Shret goes on to explain that these people are taking the dangerous drug as a reprieve from the told-not-seen hellish life that is Founder's Wake, and that this is a form of therapy. Then the Crew have to take the drug themselves to traipse into Finneas' mind, each having their own mandatory flashbacks.
Tell me, how did we get here? Did Griffin McElroy really write in a disease plotline in the Years of Our Lord 2021-2 during the third year of the Covid-19 pandemic?Well no, that's inaccurate, isn't it?
Covid's been a lingering, everchanging monster, while Fish-Plague was more a transmutative/fatal wave. Did Griffin McElroy really write in an allegory for meth, meth addiction, and using drugs to cope with trauma?Yuh-huh!
Now, when Grotto was first introduced back in the Quiet Year set-up episodes we were told that it is a 'powerful and dangerous narcotic' that '...causes euphoria' and, per Travis' words, 'But everyone agrees, we‘re definitely not going to use this for recreational purposes'. (Episode IV).
Now, with descriptors like that you'd assume that Grotto is their universe's version of weed, especially with the obvious joke of sea-weed. The dangerous narcotic tag might imply something like cocaine, but the rest give off obvious 420 Blaze it Jokes that you'd expect from a comedy Dungeons and Dragons podcast that the Adventure Zone started off as.
But no. As described by Griffin- a drug that's dangerous, fucks with your mind and brain, is taken intravenously, and the users all do it zonked out in a basement, that's meth baby. Possibly heroin too, but meth is the more in-public drug problem now and thus the more likely one Griffin based this on.
Also, an aside- had the McElroys either be forced to deal with a bunch of dudes flying high on weed or had to fight a coked-out Kuo-Toa Tony Montana? Comedy gold. But no, no we get the character based on Shrek try to justify selling drugs and nobody really questioning her. How did we get here?
SHRET, or She'll tell you she's the queen of these barrio streets, moving up to Founder's Wake**!**
I'll admit it's honestly too early to say Shret's not just a dishonest drug-dealer lying to the Crew. The only word we have is hers, and none of the crew thought to roll a fucking insight check on her. Her claim that she's only trying to ease the people taking the drug's pain has some merit- she has a crew of doctors on staff to make sure they don't OD (in this family Dungeons and Dragons podcast). The audience honestly does not have enough information to really believe her one way or the other. She claims the people using drugs as therapy do so because Founder's Wake has an "always work" mentality, but since the Crew never really goes anywhere other than laidback Joshy's Knuckle we can only take her word at it.
It's like TAZ: Graduation's Leon saying the school's weird apropos of nothing. But instead of a guy being a bird for the rest of the campaign, we get people broken by trauma on magic meth.
In any other situation I'd just assume Griffon's having her be a disingenuous drug dealer who's clever enough to say the right words to non-clients and smart enough to keep her buyers alive. Her motivation, her choice of words is too calculated to be anything other than a sly grotto runner or someone who truly believes themselves.
And given the situation that brought the Crew to Shret, I have to believe the former.
YOU MUST DO DRUGS TO PROCEED or Did they learn nothing from Graduation?
Let's walk back and wonder how we got into this particular situation. The Crew are forced into Shret's Den because they need to get high on Grotto. They only know of this because an NPC told them that Grotto use can let them remember other people's memories. This is the only path the players are given to fix the problem. Up until this arc Grotto hadn't even been mentioned! Griffin tells the players the best option to save the city is to get high and hope you can find the location of the new plankton. This is the only option given, so much so that the city of Founder's Wake is seemingly doing fuck all to find a way to save the city themselves!
As far as I can remember they don't really ask the Crew to do this mission, at best just letting them try and mind-meld with Finneas once. And now that Finneas has also joined the Crew in the Grotto Den it seems that Founder's Wake is honestly just sitting with their thumbs up their asses as their city suffocates and let three idiots get high and try to save the day! Founder's Wake, with the policy of "always work" is just letting other people do their jobs?!
How did we get here? There's only one real answer for this. This whole path, from disease to failed mind-meld to doing meth in a meth basement, was always set. Griffin always intended this arc- one borne not from any choice beforehand mind you- to always lead to this drug den path. This arc always led to Griffin making his brothers and dad do fantasy meth. Even if the Crew had tried to do something else, rolled any sort of checks (which, this is The Adventure Zone, who rolls die?) or come up with any other idea, Griffin would most likely lead them down those stairs in the swamp.
Given that, there is main interpretation of Shret and her "this isn't some place there people get totally zooted out of their minds, Grotto is a magical reagent.... this is therapy for some folks, it's palliative care for some folks" speech is that she's right. Misguided at worse, but she's right. Maybe Griffin doesn't believe this, maybe he's trying to honestly write an allegory for Weed and fucked up by making it more similar to meth. Maybe he had Shret, a swamp-going ogre drug woman, use medical terminology that seems out of place from what little we know of her. I would be remiss to try and put ideas in Griffin's mouth without any honest evidence; actions speak louder than words or ideas. For me to make such a claim, Griffin would had to have done something that either makes Shret look good or shoots down a claim against her.
*tooth sucking noise* Bout that.
Amber's Flashback, or Griffin 'No, But' an honest depiction of Drug Addiction
When the Crew take their drugs and go under they have the obligatory once an episode flashback. Amber has one about an old friend of her and Shret's breaking into Amber's house to look for things to pawn for drug money, even harming Amber's brother in the search. It's here I'll give Justin credit, this flashback seems to be a fuck to you Griffin's speech about using narcotics as a form of therapy; drugs are addictive, that hunt for a high leads to deeper lows that you'll do anything and hurt anyone to get more drugs.
Because something similar happened to my family relation. They and their kid were home alone when FR's then-partner, high on meth, broke into the house, hunting for money/drugs/ who knows what. I thank God Asshole didn't do anything physical to anyone, but Kid had nightmares for months about it. Asshole's in jail and on so many family member's lists of [REDACTED FOR LEGAL PURPOSES], so don't worry about them.
So, yeah, an absolutely accurate instance of drug addiction at it's lowest and why my respect for Justin rocketed to just below Clint's.
It's actually a rather clever set-up; character A makes a claim that's bullshit, character B points out (in this case flashbacks) a counterpoint that shoots A's claim hard. A bit of a stretch, but it's like the opening of Doom (2016); doctor robot claims that harvesting energy from Hell was a good idea while the Doom Guy looks at the slain body of some poor sap eaten by Demons.
Had what happens next not happened, I would not be writing this wordy essay; I'd still be angry and bitter, but not like this. So what'd Griffin do?
During the flashback Griffin says that Amber "... you have seen people in this state (high on drugs) before but this is something else, this is almost a type of possession."
That's right, you've read that correctly! Justin flashbacked to his character remembering the last time she saw a dear friend high on drugs hoping said friend doesn't hurt her and her family, and Griffin's all "uuuh it's not drugs, it's demons or something".
Like. What the fuck.
I have to say it. The best interpretation of these events is that Griffin's just a moron who didn't notice what he had done, that he's building up to some evil that can take over people's minds and introduced this in the drug addiction arc. The OTHER interpretations are that Griffin had a character give a speech about how drugs are good and then immediately shot down the idea that drugs could be bad, actually.
Obviously it's the first, that Griffin's just a moron who doesn't pay attention. As rant-inducing a decision this was, I honestly do no think Griffin's this naïve or malicious to think this. I'm just saying if you write something that can be easily interpreted as being pro drug-addiction, you have fucked up in a manner beyond comprehension.
I... just... God Damn. I have to ask, how did we get here? How did we get here, to a plot about people dealing with trauma and pain by turning to hard narcotics? Because, as I pointed out earlier-
THE ADVENTURE ZONE IS A FAMILY-FRIENDLY DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS PODCAST. This campaign stars a woman who punches people with spectral tummy-fists, a French bard who's a fashion influencer, and a coral-man who's made up of sea-bees! They're friends with a guy who keeps trying to surprise-punch them, a giant fish merchant named after a cartoon character, and had to deal with a location called the Trash Hole!! The previous episode was a bar brawl started by the French idiot that immediately led to a fucking meth den taken seriously!? This campaign started with literal clam seduction and now we're at a point where the DM forces the characters to risk drug addiction or death of personality by drugs!!
Is there any other campaign where the characters risk fuckin' over dosing?! I'm only just starting Critical Role, am I going to have to worry about Grog the Barbarian shooting up and dying because of air bubbles in the syringe?! Are there any other famous D&D Podcasts where characters OD'ing is a fucking worry?!
The McElroy Brand is all family-friendly yet one of their flagship productions has a character giving a speech that sounds an awful like a drug dealer justifying being a peddler of death and none of the characters roll to fuckin' doubt her.
How the ever loving hell did we get here?
I'll tell you how. The McElroy Brand is family friendly, one that tries to be positive and progressive at all times! And what better way to show you're positive and progressive with an acknowledgement that drug use is not a moral failing, that people take it to deal with stress? 'Cept here's the kicker; society at large knows that weed isn't as bad as people have claimed in the past. Having a setting with people casually smoking weed is nothing. It's not progressive, it's not something people talk about as free advertisement for your brand.
So Griffin likely took that next step and wanted to portray that suffering from drug addiction isn't a moral failing. People do hard narcotics for various reasons and that's "okay". Thus he presented a group of people doing dangerous drugs to ease their pain, attended by medical professionals to lessen any negative consequence! They're doing this in a hidden basement in a swamp because the government and world around them is harsh, that it's fine to be manipulated by a pusher and pay them to give you drugs find a means of escape. Griffin even put in a content warning about drugs, and link for substance abuse recovery! What a good, good boy!
And when Justin, whose wife is a medical professional and thus has absolutely dealt with the negative consequences of drug use, tries to bring up bummers of drug addiction, Griffin shoots him down with maybe-demons! People hurting their family and friends would be sad! We can't have that spoiling the Brand!
So now at the part of the family friendly D&D podcast where the main characters have to take hard drugs to save the day. When they're done, they'll probably leave the Grotto Den and promptly forget about it. Amber and Shret'll probably have a talk about never meeting up again, but then Shret'll show up and the end when the Surprise Badguy suddenly shows up and tries to kill everyone and we'll all just forget she's a drug peddler. Family friendly fun.
Honestly, I hope I'm wrong about all of this. I hope this is just Griffin being not thinking too hard about things and that he'll eventually realize he did an oopsy fuckup and try and fix things. Maybe we'll get an arc where the Crew have to fight a drug kingpin and they feed him to sharks. Maybe I'm right. Maybe I'm overreacting. I writing a long rant on reddit, of course I am overreacting.
At this point, any hope I have for Ethersea is dashed. I'll still listen, but I'm not really interested how it ends anymore. No matter what happens, either they keep chuggin' along or Griffin tries to do damage control, this'll always be in the back of my mind, biting with "Hey Remember when Griffin McElroy accidently wrote a pro-drug addiction arc?"
If anyone reading this has a problem with addiction- it's not a moral failing on your part, the brain is an easily fucked up pile of muscle. You can get past your addiction, no matter how hard it seems at times.
If anyone reading this is suffering from trauma of any sort, take therapy. Real therapy, don't go doing hard drugs. Meth is not a substitute for therapy, no matter what anyone says.
If anyone reading this is wondering how my family relation who had a meth problem is doing, they're recovering. It's a long road because meth literally puts holes in your brain. And, fun fact, they only recovered in part because everyone who either sold them drugs or let them crash either died or is in jail. So here's a lesson, you don't get out of drug dealing alive.
Thank you all for listening, I apologize for such a long ramble-rant.

rj/ Golly I never thought I'd wanna see Milf Jotaro Kujo, Twink Polnareff, and Normal-Tittied Foo Fighters all re-enact Golden Wind, but I'm pleasantly surprised!
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2022.01.28 16:03 Desdinova20 More White Supremacist shit stirring propaganda by fascist rag WSJ.

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2022.01.28 16:03 AlbyStan71 [US-TN] [H] Jango Fett Walgreens Exclusive, Darth Vader (RO) GameStop Exclusive [W] PayPal
Asking for $65 shipped, no trades. Both pops are in good condition, Vader has a few marks on the front plastic (seen in last pic) but overall box is in good condition. Message me for any questions!
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2022.01.28 16:03 abe3933 Interviewed cancelled because of other necessary application processing steps.

Hi again Peace corps subreddit
I was supposed to have my peace corps interview today but it was cancelled an hour before my interview time because of necessary application steps. Does anyone know what that means or has this happened before ? I responded to the email but I did not want to sound too abrasive by asking what exactly these application steps were. It just was extra upsetting about how vague the cancellation was and how close it was to my interview time. I took PTO to prepare for it and to even schedule the time. (sorry for slight rant at the end)
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2022.01.28 16:03 julius_- Sad smiles

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2022.01.28 16:03 HarlsDog02 Rivellino SBC

Does anybody have any solutions for me for the 1974 World Cup SBC for Rivellino that doesn’t require Middleton at LM? Any help would be appreciated.
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2022.01.28 16:03 KHHAANNN [WTS] Sold to u/thebaronharkkonen - Omega De Ville Tank

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2022.01.28 16:03 Georgey_Tirebiter No, he wants to permanently eliminate laborers.

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2022.01.28 16:03 swagNextTuber How Independent Voters Feel About Biden

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2022.01.28 16:03 heroofsymphonia A simple fix to Boil Over

Just make it scale up to 25% based on height dropped. there's no reason me skipping a few stairs should reward them with 4 seconds of wiggle time. Make it like 5% for skipping a few stairs, like 10% when you drop out of like temple of purgation, all the way up to 25& if you yeet yourself off Mt. Everest.
Also guarantee hook spawn in obvious abuse areas
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2022.01.28 16:03 Awkward_Exercise9256 Ich mach cum Tribut auf sie dm

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2022.01.28 16:03 weekend_warrior_4 How many miles does your Wrangler have?

I was watching a Youtube video on CNBC where they did a segment about high mileage/reliable vehicles. Made me think why Jeep Wranglers were not on the list and how many people out there have wranglers with over 200k miles. I have a 17' JKU with 30k miles. I plan on keeping her forever.

Link for vid:
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2022.01.28 16:03 Mickyluxion_1220 N64 and Wii u had no Metroid games

The Nintendo 64 and Wii u didn't featured any Metroid games but correct me if I am wrong
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2022.01.28 16:03 Domee_Derasix Global working speed slow for no reason?

Just started a new colony and my Global working speed for one of my colonist is at 42% for no reason. He doesn't have any trait which lowers the global working speed, nor does he wear any clothes which does that.
The only thing which lowers the working speed in the info tab is "Slow work" which lowers it to 40%, but if won't tell me what that is. The description for "Slow work" just says "slow work". Anyone knows how to fix it or what tf this is?
My other colonists work just fine. I play with a lot of mods but there were no problems in the past.
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2022.01.28 16:03 GossipGirl515 Is AHS getting renewed for another and if so any ideas what it may be about?

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2022.01.28 16:03 randothrow231 Which syringes for my dose?

I just got put on .5mil of 200mg/ml once a week. I asked about splitting the dose up, doc mentioned to stick to once a week at least for the first blood test, so im going to do that.
Question is, will the 29g 1/2" 1cc syringes ppl like to use work for this?
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2022.01.28 16:03 Xebra09 9875 3141 1175 please add me for gifts and stuff :)

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2022.01.28 16:03 Cabarnacus Elite 75T ANC when turning on

I have had my Elite 75T buds since November '20 and so far I am very pleased with the sound quality and comfort. I have used the Sound+ app to set them up and have changed the left button to only cycle through "ANC on" and "Hear Thru" as I have no real use case for having "ANC off".
I have noticed that no matter what listening profile I last used them (my moment/focus etc), when I next use them they automatically revert back to "ANC off".
I have tried changing the order that I remove the buds from the case thinking that maybe it temporarily jumps into "one ear mode" if i remove the right one first, but that doesn't help.
Is this normal operation? I find it a little annoying.
I have also noticed that if it connects to 2 devices on power on (laptop + mobile), the audio can be a little glitchy/crackles from the second device until I cycle through Hear Thru and ANC. After which both devices sound fine. It is sporadic and I can't replicate it every time but I wondered if anyone else has experienced this?
Any advice?
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2022.01.28 16:03 shuvammax ☀︎ Totoro Inu ☀︎ - The Most Underrated Inu Project! | Launching Now on BSC | Amazing community and unique utility! | Audited | Reflections | The next moon shot!

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2022.01.28 16:03 Conner_001 Do women's breasts milk also helpful for mens or not ?

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2022.01.28 16:03 maynardftw Is armor any kind of worthwhile in the mod?

I've been walking around in rags the whole game because the effective defense difference between rags and heavy armor is basically nonexistent in vanilla
The mod adds a whole lot of new and imported armor sets, but did it do anything to make it more... armor-y?
I've heard it changed some stuff about poise, but I mean specifically about just damage reduction and that sort of thing.
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2022.01.28 16:03 chickencereal [WTB] Behringer Crave

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