Here Is A Directory Of Free Services When You Need Help

2022.01.28 15:59 ACADrinkard Here Is A Directory Of Free Services When You Need Help

Connect Fulton is a great directory of services such as financial assistance, food pantries, medical care, transit, education, and other free or reduced programs available to ALL residents of Fulton County. Just enter your zip code to find the services near you.
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Key points:

The Biogen Inc (NASDAQ: BIIB) share price barely moved despite the biotech company agreeing to sell its stake in the biosimilar joint venture with Samsung known as Samsung Bioepis for up to $2.3 billion.
Biogen is set to receive an initial sum of $1 billion once the deal closes and another payment worth $812.5 million on the first anniversary of the deal, with the last sum of $437.5 million being paid on the deal’s second anniversary.
Biogen could receive an extra $50 million in milestone payments once certain conditions are met, bringing the transaction's total value to $2.3 billion.
Also Read: Best Healthcare Stocks to Buy Right Now. The company is set to sell its 50% stake minus one share in the biosimilar joint venture with Samsung after acquiring the stake in June 2018. The joint venture was established in 2012, and Biogen had an initial 15% stake before acquiring the more significant stake in 2018.
Since its founding, the joint venture has been highly successful after launching five biosimilars worldwide, two in oncology and three in the autoimmune sector. In addition, the JV has four products in phase III clinical trials.
The companies will maintain their current commercial agreements regarding commercializing products in their current portfolio.
Furthermore, Biogen will maintain the commercial rights to Byooviz (ranibizumab-nuna), a biosimilar product that treats muscular degeneration. The drug received approval from the US FDA and was the first biosimilar product to get such approval. The drug is also marketed in the EU and UK.
Biogen is getting an excellent deal out of this arrangement, including the revenues generated from the commercialisation agreements yet its shares barely moved during premarket trading.
As a short term trader, I expect a significant move in Biogen shares at the open despite its lacklustre premarket performance. However, as savvy investors know, there are no guarantees in the markets, and we must always trade what we see in the markets.
*This is not investment advice. Always do your due diligence before making investment decisions
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2022.01.28 15:59 NapalmJusticeSword I noticed that Grim-Gram's neck is made of that smokey transparent plastic from the g1 toy. I was thinking of doing the alcohol method, but I'm worried that it'll fog up the plastic. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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2022.01.28 15:59 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Slain Mexican reporter described vulnerability in last show | ABC

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2022.01.28 15:59 AutoNewspaperAdmin [FR] - Chantilly: France's castle of princes | France24

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2022.01.28 15:59 MaximumEffort433 The problems you have with nuTrek are not the result of a cabal or a conspiracy by "The Elites;" they're a product of trend chasing and market exploitation, AKA capitalism.

Wait a second, hold on, I hear what you're about to say, and no, this is not going to be a post lamenting the woes of capitalism, or calling for a transition to socialism or communism or some other horrible idea. I'm not here to espouse my politics, I'm here to (try to) explain the state of nuTrek.
I have frequently seen people suggesting that the problems of modern Trek are the result of Paramount trying to shove a woke agenda down the audience's throat, but I'm sorry to tell you this, you've actually got cause and effect backwards. There are an abundance of LGBTQA+ characters on nuTrek because that's what sells right now; Paramount didn't add these characters because they hoped to change the mind of the audience and create a demand, they added these characters because a demand already exists. Audiences want to see diversity, they want to see themselves represented on the screen, diversity sells, and as with most things in capitalism, supply follows demand.
Take for example pride month: Here in the US, corporations love pride month, not because they especially care about gay folks, but because they love taking money from gay folks. Bethesda puts up a rainbow flag profile picture every year, but only in the west, because it only bolsters sales in the west, Bethesda sure as shit don't raise the rainbow flag in the United Arab Eremites or China, though.
Here's another example: Star Wars prided itself on having a gay character in one of their movies... except what it amounted to was two women holding hands for two seconds in a blurry background shot that could be easily edited out. Why, if the modern media is so focused on pushing the gay agenda, would they do it so poorly and pathetically? Because Star Wars has to sell in China, and China censors media with gay people in it, which is to say nothing of what the audience may have thought.
The reason that Star Trek puts its queer characters and actors front and center is the same reason that Star Wars hides them in the background: Money.
If you've ever interacted with leftists in political discussions, first of all, I'm sorry, but secondly you've probably heard them bring up a fellow named Noam Chomsky from time to time, they might have even dropped a "You should read Manufacturing Consent!" on you. Now Manufacturing Consent is an interesting book, and it goes into detail about how the media crafts and creates a narrative in order to change public opinion, and it sounds very convincing: "Of course the media is suppressing news about war crimes in Palestine, the media is in cahoots with Israel, they don't want you to sympathize with the plight of Palestine!" and that sounds great.... except what if that newspaper just doesn't make any money when it runs stories about Palestine? What if the reason they don't run those stories is because nobody reads them, and there's no profit to be made? What if it's just not a sustainable business model? Manufacturing Consent is a clever, well written book, but everything it outlines, all the grand conspiracies it alludes to, can be equally well explained by simple market forces.
I promise you that if it was more profitable for Paramount to write a Trek series about a crew of super straight Whites in space, we'd see them making that show instead. If gay people were acceptable in China, Star Wars would have put a queer character front and center. What you're seeing isn't a conspiracy to shape our culture, you're seeing private corporations chasing trends in hopes of maximizing quarterly profits.
Diversity sells, so Paramount chases diversity. Serialization sells, so Paramount chases serialization. Moody broody attitudies sell, so Paramount chases moody broody attitudies.
They saw how well Game of Thrones did, so now Star Trek has season long arcs and heavy storytelling, but there's no grand conspiracy to force people to accept serialized stories, they just want the money. I promise you that if Disco was marketing itself to China, that cast would be straight as a fuckin' arrow, because it's not about sending a message, it's about the money.
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2022.01.28 15:59 GamingWithTem guys! they just tweeted this out... POG!

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2022.01.28 15:59 Ultra_Villain Nope.

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2022.01.28 15:59 CaptainEmmy Teachers and social media

I'm a little flummoxed by a matter today. I'm not in trouble, but I had a parent pick a bone at me over "personal belief differences". I racked my brain for the reasoning, and all I could think about was social media. I keep my profile fairly private, but there's a couple of things I have public, such as my political party and my religion. I'm also extremely boring on what I post on my profile, but I have been known to get heated in the comment sections. I like to think I keep it in check, but I'm passionate. My school does have policies on teacher presentation on special media, but it's pretty much along the reasonable lines of "don't be a complete a-hole at the same time of being obvious you're a teacher for this school".
As some of you of various states have simililarly experienced, there's a couple of bills being pondered right now in my area. I did comment on the news pages my thoughts on the bill. I'm an adult. I wasn't mean or the aforementioned a-hole. I looked over everything I posted and didn't find anything psychotic about my stances (without getting into the particulars, my stances are essentially "Help me help our students, these are the negative effects this bill would have on students". I don't think it went toward any particular political party. I thought myself pro-family, pro-student. I didn't swear, I didn't call anyone names.
Now, these "personal differences" could be something different, but I can't think of what. My only guess is this parent stalked me on Facebook and didn't like something in my boring profile. Or, saw my comments on aforementioned news pages.
I couldn't even begin to guess what political leaning these parents would be coming from (I'm best described as a moderate, so anyone could hate me). I also suppose by mentioning my religion in my profile, I could draw ire. The parent didn't want to speak on it anymore than that.
So, no, I'm not in trouble, but it does make me think of what teachers are "allowed" to do on social media.
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2022.01.28 15:59 jobsinanywhere Masayoshi Son and Marcelo Claure: inside the expensive divorce at SoftBank

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2022.01.28 15:59 MrBrightStarCR Connecting Canon EOS RP to SVBONY 503 80ED doublet refractor

Hello, folks!
Was wondering if anyone here has a similar setup to the one I have.
Currently own an SVBONY 503 80ED F7 doublet refactor telescope with a SV 305 Pro camera for guiding inside a SV165 30mm guiding tube. I am using a Celestron AVX mount for tracking.
Yesterday I finally got the SV 193 reductoflattener which is M48*0.75 F7 for 80ED. I tried connecting it through a M42 t-ring (removed the inner ring) and adapted the reduceflattener to the t-ring with the lock nuts. But this t-ring is for Canon EF, so I mounted it to my Canon RF to EF adapter. After doing this I noticed a lot of chromatic aberration, not sure why… this was just some context.
I think it does give it a space of around 55mm from the image plane (sensor) to the focal reductor (I think) that’s what SVBONY suggests to be the correct distance, but I noticed that my images had very crappy chromatic aberration. Almost all stars are magenta colored.
Now, for my question: If anyone has a similar setup, what are some recommendations you can give me to properly set myself up for success and good images?
!!! IMPORTANT !!!: Before getting the reductoflattener, I was actually using my Canon EOS RP connected to the RF to EF adapter, then connected the M42 t-ring to the EF adapter and finally the 1”1/4 t-adapter to the focuser of the SV503 telescope. This gave me very nice images and very low chromatic aberration.
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2022.01.28 15:59 Andybeast360 What is an underrated college degree that is more employable than people think?

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2022.01.28 15:59 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - Buyers vie for fewer homes as listings decline | ABC

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2022.01.28 15:59 Dorfmeist3r 3D Printed Organizer

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2022.01.28 15:59 Kingdave7711 Ousen was willing to save Denrimi but Does care about his own blood SMH 🤦‍♂️

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2022.01.28 15:59 mhardins Horned Owl by Komatsu Hideo - first attempt

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2022.01.28 15:59 RumHamDiary Before purchasing 2015 X3 sDrive28i RWD, any major issues?

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2022.01.28 15:59 average_texas_guy It's been a while, and things are different. What do I do?

I started playing in 1983 and was a hardcore player all the way through college. I stepped away for a while but came back during 3e and ran a long campaign then. Didn't like 4e so I didn't touch it. Now I have a group of coworkers that want to play. I have the core 5e books and I don't have any issues with how to play this edition.
They want to play on a virtual tabletop. I've never done that but it seems reasonable. Signed up for a roll20 account and even after watching tutorials I have no clue what I'm doing. Any advice for an old DM trying to learn new tricks would be greatly appreciated.
I feel like a complete idiot. I have worked in IT for over 20 years but for the life of me I cannot figure out this new fangled internet tabletop technology lol.
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2022.01.28 15:59 Phant0mmm I can't get Outbreaks to happen in my game?

Is there something I'm missing? A lot of people told me that you would receive it after the first boss battle with that scyther evolution and it didn't happen? My hame is also updated to the newest version (another possible solution). I'm well past that part in the game and I still haven't been able to get outbreak pokemon. Any ideas?
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2022.01.28 15:59 LeBrown28Gems [WP] Zookeeper woke up with the ability to talk to animals. He found out that the zoo animals are plotting a revolution against humankind.

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2022.01.28 15:59 lily-xo What is the best movie you’ve watched?

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2022.01.28 15:59 JoFknLines hmmm

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2022.01.28 15:59 my-user-account Absolutely Pure

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2022.01.28 15:59 Boce77 China Announces New Rules That Classify Dogs as Pets, Not Food, Citing “Progress of Civilization” -

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2022.01.28 15:59 PandaCare247 Anyone know of a hot sauce similar to Halal Guys red sauce?

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